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Butler Fire Department

Last Updated 1 April 2001


Welcome to the Butler, Missouri Fire Department Web Page. This site was created to provide information for the public about the the fire department, and to provide an information area for the firefighters of Butler. We have tried to make this site as entertaining and functional as possible. Please feel free to browse the site, and visit often. Also, please sign our guestbook with your comments.


Butler, Missouri is located approximately 60 miles south of Kansas City on U.S. Highway 71. The Butler Fire Department serves the city of Butler; population over 4,000, surrounding rural areas and neighboring communities through mutual aid. The fire department is staffed by over 25 firefighters, mostly volunteer.


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Thanks to the Butler Firefighters for the support of the website; special thanks to Chief Jim Henry for continued support and enthusiasm. Thank you to the News Xpress for allowing the use of their materials on the website. Also, thank you to the wives of the Butler Fire Department for being so understanding when the tones sound. The words "be careful" are special to all of us. Thanks to my wife for not only taking back seat to the tones so often, but also for patiently watching while I maintain this website.